The Coming of Keyto Update Page

Lenon HonorMy name is Lenon Honor and welcome to “The Coming of Keyto” update page.  On this page I will be sharing brief updates about the production of the film “The Coming of Keyto”.

This film will be my most ambitious endeavor to date.  It will encompass many creative expressions including visual art, computer generated images, video footage, photography, music, and more.

I estimate that this project will take between 3 to 4 months to complete and there is a great deal of groundwork that needs to be laid prior to starting the production process.  At this point we are at Stage 1 which is the establishment of a fundraiser to generate the finances needed to complete this project.

Stage 1:  Fundraiser

Our Goal:  $8,950.00

I have set up The Coming of Keyto Fundraiser on  On the fundraiser page you will find a 15 minute video that describes important details about this project.

Visit: The Coming Of Keyto Fundraiser Page.


Stage 2:  Confirming Artisit Participation

During the second stage of the project I will be confirming which artists will be participating on this project.  Artists include musicians, visual artists, videographers, photographers, etc.  So far I have confirmed the following participants.


Musicians:  Steve Haney – Percussion

Graphics Artist:  Ralph Smart – Rendered Video Sequences