The Perpetual Suffering Program

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If you believe that your life Lenon Honoris about perpetual suffering then please understand that you believe in a hideous lie. – Lenon Honor

Many have come to believe that all suffering in the world is absolutely necessary, that perpetual suffering is what life is all about, that suffering is necessary for growth.  While much can be learned from the experience of suffering, suffering for growth sake is not only illogical but also degrading to the value of the human experience.

Suffering, in and of itself, does not bring forth growth.  Growth is the result of clear and purposeful thought.  Growth is the result of appropriate action; actions that manifest positive returns.

It is true that the need to end ones suffering can bring about clear and purposeful thought.  However, it must be understood that clear and purposeful thought is a proactive response to the need to end ones suffering. This, in and of itself, proves that suffering is not to be experienced perpetually.  If suffering was to be experienced perpetually then there would be no need to end it.

To a large degree perpetual suffering is a self-imposed and a self-maintained reality.  A person’s reality is, in part, reflective of the quality of thoughts that circulate in their mind.  In many cases the manner in which a person thinks locks them into a pattern of existence wherein perpetual suffering becomes the central cog around which their life experiences orbit.  In such a condition a person may not perceive a greater possibility for themselves.  As a result their life experience will either maintain itself as is (stagnation), or slip further down into the depths of perpetual suffering (degradation).


As I state in my article A Positive Vision of What is Possible, “One of the most empowering means of manifesting goodness in your life is to have a clear and positive vision as to what is possible in your life.”  When one has been indoctrinated into the belief that perpetual suffering is honorable, when one has consented to the notion that perpetual suffering is necessary for growth, then they have ultimately limited their vision as to what is possible in their life.  Limiting ones sense of possibility is disempowering and therefore stifles upward movement towards a more positive life experience.  Perpetual suffering, therefore, becomes both the bringer of stagnation and the deliverer of a self-fulfilling prophecy (i.e. that perpetual suffering is my lot in life and therefore perpetual suffering is a noble condition and a grand achievement).  Nothing can be further from the truth.

There are those who perceive perpetual suffering to be a noble condition and a grand achievement; that somehow perpetual suffering is reflective of high moral status, social revolution, political power, economic rebellion, and spiritual illumination.   However, I consider the notion of perpetual suffering to be a construct designed to disempower the human species; leaving little room for personal growth and personal empowerment.

One cannot summon the power to change their reality while in a state of perpetual suffering.  Therefore, perpetual suffering cannot be a noble condition or a grand achievement.  The most noble condition and the grandest achievement is to be Empowered, so that you can actualize and experience love at will.  Love and happiness is a birthright bestowed upon all of creation.  Perpetual suffering, therefore, is a program that one can either consent to or transcend.  I have chosen to transcend such a program and I strive to help others to do the same.


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