The Self as the Essence of Spirituality

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Lenon Honor

Experience the self and you will know the essence of spirituality

Spirituality is internal.  It is also personal.  There is no one model or concept of spirituality that can be applied to all beings in existence.  On planet Earth spirituality is something that is searched for by some, experienced by some, and simply realized by some.  Though spirituality itself is infinite in its diversity there is one thing that holds true to all of its expressions, namely, that spirituality is the essence of what you are.


Spirituality must be searched for by some

If spirituality is the essence of what we are then why is there a need to search for it?  Many of us have been taught to pursue spirituality as if it is something that exists outside of us.  We have been led to believe that the pursuit of spirituality is a worthwhile challenge and that one will ultimately be rewarded for their efforts.  In such a case, spirituality is to be perceived as something external of the individual.  While this relational model spurs the pursuit of external projections, it also misdirects one’s focus, a misdirection that seeks to find in the external, that which resides in the internal.


Spirituality must be experienced by some

If spirituality is the essence of what we are then why would we need to experience it?  The need to experience spirituality is the result of one’s perception that spirituality is an external phenomenon or an event that must be engaged in for ultimate spiritualization of self.  There are those who believe that various forms of spiritual technology can ultimately bring forth this desired goal.  Spiritual technologies such as prayer, divination, tarot, astrology, ritualistic practices, channeling, etc. are often employed as a means of drawing the external projection of spirituality back to its source i.e. the self.  When external projections of spirituality are drawn back to the self, the individual will perceive the projections as “new” spiritual experiences.  In actuality they are merely experiencing the self; viewed through the lens of spiritual amnesia.


Spirituality must be realized by some

To realize spirituality is to recognize that it is internal to you, that it is real; that it is something that is at the core of your being.  With this realization one ceases to seek spirituality.  With this realization one is no longer dependent upon external forms of spiritual technology.  The self is therefore realized as the ultimate form of spiritual technology.


Spirituality is infinite

Whether one is searching for spirituality, seeking to experience spirituality, or is realizing spirituality, it is important to understand that spirituality is infinite and therefore the manner in which we perceive it will also be infinite.  Spirituality cannot be held to competition.  Spirituality cannot be held to hierarchy.  Spirituality cannot be held by the words written on this page.  Spirituality is infinite.  Therefore, know thyself and you realize that you too are infinite.


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Deep in the Garden of Consciousness - Lenon Honor


 “Experience the self and you will know the essence of spirituality.”  – Lenon Honor


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