The Wealthiest Man in the Known Universe

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Lenon HonorRecently I have been pondering how I have become so accustomed to thinking about the things that I do not have while ignoring the many blessings that I do have.  For many of us our focus has consistently been on the things that we do not have.  We may say to ourselves, I do not have a lot of money, I do not have a good job, I do not have a husband or a wife, I do not have a nice car, or I do not have a nice home.

Many of us have become accustomed to this way of thinking.  We then approach each day as an opportunity to acquire that which we do not have.  But I must ask, “Should each day be about pursuing those things that we do not have?  Or should each day be about appreciating the things that we do have in preparation for the things that we do not have?”

As long as we focus on not having things we will continue to not have things.  When we focus on the blessings that we do have we will provide the level of appreciation and preparedness necessary for more blessings to flow into our lives.  I will use myself as an example of what I mean.

My name is Lenon Honor and I do not have enough money to buy a digital camera.  The house that I live in is small and I am unable to move my family into a bigger house.  My car is too small and I am unable to purchase a van for my family.

Though each of these things is true, constantly focusing on what I do not have changes nothing.  In fact, focusing on the things that I do not have puts me in a state of mind wherein I feel dis-empowered, impoverished, and stressed.

Lately what I have been doing is focusing on my blessings.  For instance:

I have a wonderful wife who is not only extremely caring and compassionate but is also extremely creative.

I have 5 beautiful children who inspire me to do better in all areas of my life.

I am healthy and strong.

I am a creative person.

I have a mode of transportation.

I have a home to live in.

I have a webcam that I can take pictures with.

I am blessed to watch my children grow.

I have a 5 month old baby that is absolutely precious!

I have friends who are supportive of me.

I have hope for the future……..

Can you see the difference in orientation?  Can you feel the difference in orientation?

One of the main reasons why many of us are not able to actualize the things that we want in life is because we have not come to a place in our lives where we are thankful for the things that we do have.  When we are thankful for the things that we do have we are therefore prepared to receive even more blessings in our lives.

I must also state that many of us exclusively focus on our material needs.  While it is necessary for us to place our attention on such needs it is also important that we recognize that there are other needs that are just as important as our material needs.


The Need for Love:

This is one of the most important needs of all.  I can say that every day I experience high levels of love from my family and from those who I interact with online (which includes the reader of this article).  Therefore, I am the wealthiest man in the known universe.

The Need for Personal Fulfillment:

I am the type of person who gets things done.  When I set my mind on something I do what I have to do to make things manifest.  I set personal goals and I reach those goals over time.  Whenever I reach a goal I experience personal fulfillment. In fact, writing these articles is part of the fulfillment of a personal goal that I set over 6 years ago.  Through these articles I am personally fulfilled.  Therefore, I am the wealthiest man in the known universe.

The Need for Positive Relationships:

My wife and I have mastered male-female relationships.  This does not mean that we do not have disagreements from time to time but we are careful not to argue with each other.  We have grown to a point in our relationship where childish behavior patterns, such as arguing, are no longer acceptable.  My wife and I have an understanding that our relationship is not about who is right and who is wrong.  We both recognize that our relationship is about love, family, and children.  As a result we have enjoyed a high level of success in our marriage and have birthed 5 children onto the planet.  Therefore, I am the wealthiest man in the known universe.

The Need for Spiritual Growth:

If there is one thing that I have taken for granted for most of my life, it would be my spiritual experiences and the levels of growth that have come out of such experiences.  I now recognize that my outlook on life, my creativity, and my commitment to helping people is directly tied to my need for spiritual growth.  It is in being in service to others that I grow as a spiritual being.  In this sense, I am the wealthiest man in the known universe.

When I consider these 4 needs I recognize that I am the Wealthiest Man in the Known Universe and that all of my material needs will manifest based upon the degree to which I appreciate the things that I do have.

If you want to be the wealthiest person that you can be then do not worry so much about the digits in your bank account.  Instead focus on counting the blessings that you currently have in your life account.

My name is Lenon Honor and I thank you for reading this article.  Please be so kind as to post your thoughts below.  Blessings to you.

Copyright © 2011 Lenon Honor

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8 Responses to “The Wealthiest Man in the Known Universe”

  1. Ezio Audi says:

    Lenon. This article is so amazing. I own a home. I have a small care. I have a job. I have wife and baby boy. I am 24 years old. My wife is currently unemployed because we both decided that it was best for our son at this time. Yet, even though that we get by very comfortably, i feel so stressed all the time because of my debts. Overall I owe about 8,000$ plus the mortgage. I have no debt if compared to most Americans. Still, i read this and you are right. It is this false system that puts its doctrines within me and wants to take the power away from us. I am rich!!! I have a butiful son, loving wife and a roof.Plus a fridge full of food. I should be forever grateful. Thank You for opening my eyes. May all your needs be met and blessings upon your household. YHWH bless you.

  2. bran says:

    What a wonderful article. Have to share this one

  3. Abyssinia says:

    I found your page, and it is on time. I appreciate all the articles I am reading. I am at a point in my life where reading your articles are showing me I am on point. Seek and we will find. Information is available once we are at a point to receive. Thank you and your family for being part of the universe.

  4. tflowers says:

    I hope everyone here continues to grow spiritually… and cute kids

  5. Thank you for the insight shared in this article. It is refreshing to encounter a dose of realism on the net. Yes, we all personally thrive for things in life that will presumably ‘fulfill’ our wants and desires, so that we may fit more comfortably into what we have forged as our version of the Americana Dream.
    It is paramount though, that we take personal assessment of ALL that we have available to us know, and heap positivity on ALL that we have available to us, and ALL that we have endured to arrive at this point in life. We should edify every step we have taken to get to the junction point we find ourselves at.
    Yes, more time should be committed taking stock in not only what life has afforded us, but what we have been blissed with to give back to the world, for example, our personal testimony.
    So, as I read this article Lenon, I do feel like the wealthiest man in the WORLD! Simply by being able to arrive and thrive to see another day, read another article, contribute another gem, smile another smile, love another way. Give thanks. My name is BLUE PILL and I approve this message.

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