The Truth About The Truth Movement by Lenon Honor March 27, 2011

While the truth movement may have inspired many of us to begin to think critically about media-sourced information and events, I must say that the truth movement has not progressed many people beyond the early stages of critical thinking. I can use my own progressions through the truth movement as an example.

For many years I followed the truth movement with great curiosity. However, once I realized that the truth movement functioned as a complimentary mind control program to the mainstream branch of the media mind control power structure, I had to come to grips with the fact that for all of those years I was misled into believing an illusion; an illusion that had stagnated my ability to think critically about media-sourced information and events. It was in having this realization that I had to internally concede that the truth movement had not functioned to inspire personal empowerment, prodigious intelligence, or high levels of critical thinking. What the truth movement predominantly fostered and promoted was fear, anxiety, and the externalization of personal power.

I have observed that those who hold on to the truth movement for extended periods of time do not progress much beyond the limiting programing of the truth movement itself. This limited programming is akin to that found within your average public high school which is why most people who initially find the truth movement to be appealing are usually operating, intellectually speaking, on a high school level. The truth movement caters mainly to this particular demographic which is why ultra-sensationalism and degraded lexicon is so prevalent in truth movement programming.  Age is not a factor here in that there are people who are 40 years old and are still thinking on a high school level.

Reaching beyond the intellect of an average high school student is not nurtured via the truth movement. In fact, many of the truth movement mouthpieces speak and behave like high school students themselves; yelling, screaming, “rebelling” against the machine; this behavior is analogous to the rebellious behavior exhibited by the average high school teen; the teen may think that they are bucking The Power System/Their Parents/The New World Order, but often times the teen must engage in self-destructive behaviors i.e. sitting at their computer desks for hours on end while engaging in petty arguments with “the sleeping sheeple” on youtube and facebook.

This juvenile, divisional, and self-destructive behavior, stealthily conjured via Truth Movement Programming, is counterproductive and does not serve the viewer in terms of their own continued positive progressions in life. Instead, the truth movement conditions its followers into internal chaos and stagnates them in fear; internal chaos and fear being the formula for perpetual anxiety, depression, and ultimate inaction.

It is this inaction that is most intriguing to me. As the followers of the Truth Movement rage against the machine, regurgitates verbatim the rhetoric and propaganda programmed into them by the Truth Movement Mouthpieces, and while they call all non-believers “Sheeple”, they still manage to sit comfortably at their computer desks. They sit and sit and sit and sit. And every day becomes a redundant quest to find the latest conspiracy theory or doomsday scenario (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1, Alien Invasion, Reptilian Shapeshifters, HAARP, Population Reduction, FEMA Death Camps, Martial Law, ad infinitum).

For many, the truth movement mouthpieces (radio show hosts, film producers, bloggers, vloggers, etc.) have become a sort of Cyber-Fear Mongering Surrogate provisionally functioning as the deputizing agent administering to the complacent truth movement follower the false illusion that by listening to fear mongering they themselves are impacting the world in positive ways; when in fact what they are doing is sitting at their computer desk(Surrogate Interface Station) and obsessively consuming valuable time that they could use to engage in healthy activities like taking a walk, breathing fresh air, seeing the sun, or perhaps engaging in personal and real-life exchanges with other human beings.

The average truth movement follower may share a few youtube videos with family and friends.  But this cannot be accepted as real human interaction in that such sharing is often done not as an act of love but rather as an act of recruitment. Crusaders for Truth, as it were, sheepling all non-believers as they move about while sitting at their computer desks.

And what about all of the fear? 90% of the information issued through the truth movement is fear-based; most of this 90% is sourced directly from mainstream news. In many cases the truth movement’s fear-based mind control programming becomes nothing more than a sedative, a drug if you will, which causes some people to maintain their current condition while giving them the drug induced illusion that they have somehow progressed beyond their initial level of critical thinking.

The truth movement is not a movement, it is a hindrance to intellectual and personal growth. One only needs to write down all of the doomsday scenarios promoted by the truth movement and how historically these doomsday scenarios never come to pass. Y2K, H1N1, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Reptilian Shapeshifters ala Alien Invasion, FEMA Death Camps, HAARP, Nuclear Disaster, The American Union (which has already happened), Acid Rain, Population Reduction, SARS, Financial Collapse (which has already happened), Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Amero, the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (as the greatest ecological catastrophe of our time), ad infinitum.

If a person tells you that something bad is going to happen and then nothing happens then you would logically call that person a liar. So then why is it that when the Truth Movement tells us that something bad is going to happen and then nothing happens we illogically call the Truth Movement “Truth Movement”? Lie after lie and it’s a truth movement? As I have stated many times before, “Time will always tell the truth”. And for years, time has told on the Truth Movement time and time again. And what did Time say? Time said that the truth movement consistently lies.

But have you ever asked the question, why are such conspiracy-centric lies promoted by the truth movement? The answer is simple, to keep us in fear while giving us the illusion that we have somehow progressed. This is the true prison without bars, a prison that the truth movement actualizes via stagnation and via the promotion of fear-based mind control programming (Y2K, H1N1, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Reptilian Shapeshifters ala Alien Invasion, FEEMA Death Camps, HAARP, Nuclear Disaster, The American Union (which has already happened), Acid Rain, Population Reduction, SARS, Osama Bin Laden, Martial Law,Al Qaida, the Amero, ad infinitum).

Knowing about “potential” threats is not empowering to anyone. The truth movement operates on the notion that by knowing of the worst possible outcome one is therefore empowered, even if the worst possible outcome never comes to pass. This is the primary illusion of the truth movement and therefore the truth movement is no different than mainstream news; it is simply a form of entertainment i.e. mind control.

Yes, we should be aware of those forces of control and the mechanisms through which control is attained and maintained, but we should not get stuck there. We should not allow the knowing of such things to degrade the quality of our lives. Intellectually speaking, we should not remain in a state of arrested development. If humanity truly wishes to deal with those forces that seek to control humanity, then we must deal with our internal condition in the first place. The power is not external it is internal.  Sitting at a computer desk and seeking “possible”, but not thoroughly provable doomsday scenarios is not empowering.

As stated before, the truth movement functions to stagnate people and to degrade the quality of their lives. When a person finally ascertains this truth, as I did years ago, they may find that they had been misguided for months, years, and in some cases for a decade. They may find that they have lived a life filled with unnecessary anxiety, paranoia, depression, and perpetual fear.

One of the most disappointing aspects of truth movement mind control programing is how the truth movement believer can only function as a regurgitator of the same propaganda that was given to them by the truth movement mouthpieces. This behavior is not the result of critical thinking. This behavior is the result of media mind control and intellectual arrested development.  I have seen this phenomenon time and time again. What is worse is that the regurgitation is merely the recitation of the myriad of doomsday scenarios that never come to pass; the re-presentation of the lies that many truth movement followers have been mind-controlled into believing as being truth.

As an example: If you were to write down all of the doomsday scenarios promoted by the truth movement and then come back a year later and write a check mark next to the scenarios that have come to pass you will find that your paper will be absent of check marks. The promoted scenarios never come to pass. So then, why do we call it a “truth movement?” The only reason we have come to call perpetual lies “The Truth Movement” is because we have been mind-controlled into accepting perpetual lies as truth.

H1N1, HAARP, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Reptilian Shape Shifters, Population Reduction, Africanized Killer Bees, FEMA Death Camps, Marshall Law, Acid Rain, the list goes on and on: doomsday scenarios that never come to pass. This is the truth movement at its core. So yes, the truth movement has helped to start people’s process of critical thinking but it has stagnated people at the start. This was the intent. In fact, the Truth Movement is the controlled opposition that it so vigorously claims to expose.  90% lies for 10 % truth is not a truth movement. It is a lie movement. Humanity deserves much more than this.

Understand that I have gone through all of the fear-based mind control programming over the last 10 years. All of it, including HAARP. I believed in many of these fear-based mind control programs. I can tell you about all of the various conspiracy theories and explain each of them to you. How so? Because I have already been there. The difference is that I have seen the limiting and debilitating nature of the truth movement especially as it relates to intellectual growth.

These things being said, the truth movement is an amalgamation of various information streams both good and bad, legitimate and illegitimate, liberating and enslaving. The problem occurs when truth movement followers accepts all streams without critical thinking and proper intellect-based discernment. Of course it becomes very difficult for the actualization of such critical thinking and discernment when such followers are so thoroughly engrossed in the illusion that they are a part of something greater than themselves i.e. “The Truth Movement”.

One of the reasons why the truth movement has been so appealing to particular demographics is because it provides people with an illusionary sense of connection to something greater than themselves, or at least something that is propagandized as being greater than them. In such cases the individual feels as if they finally belong to something great even though they are simply sitting at their computer desk for hours each day in search of the latest conspiracy theory.

The truth movement, while a good starting point, is by no means a respectful ending point. If you have been following the truth movement for years you are probably upset right now. But do not take these words personally. I am merely seeking to encourage critical thought. As stated in the beginning I too followed the truth movement with great curiosity. However over the years I have transcended this level of programming and not only have I been able to evolve the degree of my own intellect, which to date transcends that of the bulk of the truth movement mouthpieces, but have also been able to produce works that have positively assisted millions of people worldwide.

I am not asking the truth movement followers to arbitrarily dismiss all of the information presented via the truth movement. I am simply asking everyone to consider the possibility that the truth movement is not 100% truth and that it may be appropriate to, at some point, progress beyond the limiting aspects of the truth movement itself. I must also thank the truth movement for its early contributions to my own growth towards critical thinking. However, I have thoroughly outgrown the restrictive nature of the truth movement itself.


Note:  The article “The Truth About The Truth Movement” was first published on March 27th, 2011 and was not intended as a personal indictment against any specific individual associated with the truth movement.

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