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The greatest tragedy occurs when one concedes failure while on the cusp of profound success.

Every single day you are on the cusp of accomplishing profound success.  Dependent upon what you think, what you say, and what you do, you will either move closer towards success or retreat from reaching your goal.  While failure is a necessary experience it must be understood that failure is a very small step on the greater path towards success.

We all experience failures throughout our daily lives.  However, every single failure is an opportunity to gain the wisdom needed for ultimate success.  Therefore, failure is not necessarily a bad thing but failing to learn from our failures is.

Whether it be in relationships, in business, in personal growth, or in creative ventures, success should be seen as an inevitability.  Failure should be seen as a temporary experience that can be used to learn what changes need to be made for ultimate success.

These things being said never concede to failure.  Realize the possibility that just one second past the moment of concession you would have experienced the profound success that you worked so hard to attain.

Beloved, never give up on your most noblest of goals.  And above all else, recognize that ultimate success is your birthright.

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