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Lenon Honor

“There are infinite paths before you.  Choose the one that is most empowering to you.” – Lenon Honor


In life there are infinite paths to take.  Every day we are presented with countless choices.  Each choice that we make progresses us towards a specific outcome or destination.  Here is an example of what I mean:

Years ago there was a path that you took that ultimately brought you to this present point in your life.  Over the last few months you have made other choices that have also brought you to this present point in your life.  Based upon those choices you have made a present choice to read this article.  You could have also decided not to read this article.  By reading this article you will be impacted in a particular way and this impact will influence your future path.  You could have also made the choice not to read this article and based upon that choice you would have influenced your future path is a completely different way.  Therefore, every choice that you make will impact the direction that your life takes.

Every moment of each day we are given a vast variety of choices.  Each choice will lead us down a unique path.  That path may take us to a place in our lives where we experience joy or it may take us to a place where we experience sorrow.  Everything that we do, everything that we think, everything that we say will bring forth various paths to choose from.  The question becomes, what path do I take?

 Lenon Honor

 What path should I take?

The path that is most empowering to you will be the path that brings to you the best chance to experience happiness and joy.  In that our thoughts, our words, and our actions can influence the quality of any given path, it is important that the thoughts that we keep, the words that we speak, and the actions that we take are in line with personal empowerment.  When our thoughts, our words, and our actions are in line with personal empowerment we maximize the probability of manifesting a multitude of empowering paths.  We will then have an abundance of empowering paths to choose from.  May your chosen path bring forth an abundance of love, happiness, and smiles.

Lenon Honor

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