Where Love Shines Like the Sun

A Place Where Love Shines Like The Sun is a musical composition that I wrote in 2006. Since that time I have been very active in film production and felt it to be a natural progression for me to produce this song as a music video. This music video is now available as a direct download package.  Here is what is included in the package:

1) Full Video – 7 min 34 sec
2) Vocal Video – 3 min 49 sec
3) 1st Flute Video – 3 min 11 sec
4) 2nd Flute Video – 3 min 11 sec
5) 1st Flute Audio – 3 min 11 sec
6) 2nd Flute Audio – 3 min 3 sec
7) Vocal Audio – 3 min 11 sec

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Lenon Honor The Coming of Keyto

I wrote the lyrics to “A Place Where Love Shines Like The Sun” in 2006.  Originally the song was titled “I heard a sad song”.  I decided to rename the song for this current release.  I will be reissuing this song as part of the soundtrack to my upcoming film “The Coming of Keyto”.

Ultimately I envision this song being sung by 4 singers from around the world; each recording their part in their region of the world.  I may turn the video recording of these singers into a music video production.  I also envision live musicians participating on the final version of this song.

Below you will find the lyrics to the song.


“A Place Where love Shines Like The Sun”


 I heard a sad song,

While dreaming of Rwanda.

Had a vision of all,

The people suffering there.


It was such a sad song,

Bout the people of Rwanda.

Death of mothers and of fathers,

Of sisters and of brothers, the people of Rwanda.


I heard a sad song.

While dreaming of Eretria.

And Ethiopia too.

Such a sad, sad song.


I don’t know much about war.

But I know that war is evil.

Dividing what should be equal,

In essence the same people, Eritria – Ethiopia.


I want to go to,

A place where love shines like the sun.

Butterflies, they float on by,

I feel warm inside, of my heart.


I heard a sad song.

While dreaming of India.

Saw the faces of all,

The children suffering there.


Poverty is so profound.

Class division is just madness.

Ragas full of sadness, starvation runs rampant,

The children of India.


I want to hear a song.

Where death is no longer.

Starvation is no more.

People share their love.


There is a better way.

I’ve seen it in my vision.

There is no more division, there is a greater vision.

Let love be our reason.


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A Place Where Love Shines

 Copyright (c) 2012 Lenon Honor