• Beyond Gangster Blackface DVD

    The documentary “BEYOND GANGSTER BLACKFACE” takes a critical look at the power of music lyrics and how lyrics can influence the mentality, language, and behavior of young impressionable children. In particular, the documentary explores how Gangster Rap promotes black male criminality, disrespect of women, and negative male/female relationships.  Other topics discussed in the film include the East Coast / West Coast Beef, police brutality, Blaxploitation films, domestic violence, manhood, fatherhood, womanhood, motherhood, and how to protect your mind from negative media programming.

  • Conspiracy Theory Video Archive

    From 2008 to 2012 I produced several conspiracy theory documentaries. These documentaries covered a wide range of topics including spirituality, religion, transhumanism, media manipulation, mind control, the subconscious mind, subliminal messages, politics, and the entertainment industry. The Lenon Honor Conspiracy Theory Video Archive includes 23 files and over 27 hours of video content.

    Videos in this archive include:

    1. What Lies In Plain Sight
    2. The Creator, the gods, and the manipulation of humanity
    3. The Workings of Evil
    4. The Workings of Evil ~ Revisited
    5. Beat It Jerk
    6. Demons In The Outfield
    7. Demons In The Outfield ~ Revisited
    8. The Early Works of Walt Disney Part 1 and Part 2
    9. The Presidential Elections Are A Fraud
    10. Media Mind Control and the BP Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico
    11. The Borg Agenda Part 1
    12. The Borg Agenda Part 2
    13. The Borg Agenda Part 3
    14. The Borg Agenda Part 4
    15. The Borg Agenda Part 5
    16. The Borg Agenda Part 6
    17. The New Breed; Rulers Of Humanity
    18. Who is Oro Oyogomunde?
    19. The Truth About Subliminal Messages Part 1
    20. The Truth About Subliminal Messages Part 2
    21. The Truth About Subliminal Messages Part 3
    22. The Truth About Subliminal Messages Part 4
    23. The Truth About Subliminal Messages Part 5

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