This 38 minute album consists of 10 songs:
    1. B.G.B. Theme Song
    2. Carnival De Salsa
    3. Ambient Background Happiness
    4. Black Men Today (Vocal)
    5. Forgivingness
    6. Sonic Ride
    7. Butterfly Funk
    8. Always (Instrumental)
    9. To The Future
    10. Black Men Today (Instrumental)

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  • In the Land of the Ancient Ones

    This 50 minute musical work is especially designed to help with focus, relaxation, meditation, and spiritual practice. The album includes a video recording as well as an audio mp3 file.

  • Journey to Mountain Creek

    Journey to Mountain Creek” is an audio/video album that was created to stimulate relaxation, positivity, and peace of mind. Beautiful nature scenes are displayed in video form while solo flute is heard in the background. This album is excellent for relaxation, meditation, and visualization.
    1. Journey to Mountain Creek
    2. Amongst the Trees
    3. Mountain Creek
    4. In the Valley
    5. Down by the River
    6. River Rock
    7. Peace at the Water
    8. Stream of Life

  • Songs of Healing – Volume 1

    This compilation consists of 12 tracks of music including:
    1. Love Is
    2. Look Within
    3. In Love
    4. Saidah’s Song
    5. Mama Don’t You Worry
    6. Son, teach your son
    7. Wonderful child in me
    8. This is the way to love
    9. Sweet to my eyes
    10. The Spirit of HG3
    11. Where do we go from here?
    12. Sweet Blueberries

  • Songs of Healing – Volume 2

    This compilation consists of 10 tracks of music including:
    1. Warm Heart – Sample
    2. Sleepy Boy
    3. Conception
    4. The Universe Provides
    5. This is the Way to Love
    6. Give Your Love
    7. You Are Loved
    8. Procession of the gods
    9. We’ve Got to Help the Children
    10. Lenon’s Theme Song

  • Soul Visions

    This solo flute album will provide you with more than an hour worth of Soul searching musical improvisation.
    1. The Visionary
    2. Visions of Hope
    3. Warm Heart

  • The Healing of You and Me

    Many of us have experienced a great deal of pain in our childhood.  For me, much of my childhood pain revolved around my own father. This album speaks to my own healing process and reaffirms the importance of forgiveness.
    1. Will you give me a call
    2. My son I tried so hard
    3. The Dream
    4. Father we can make it
    5. The conversation
    6. I was only 13
    7. It wasn’t always that way
    8. I don’t know
    9. I wanna’ be where you are
    10. I’ll see your tomorrow